10 super efficient exercises for a firm body

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10 super efficient exercises for a firm body

We know you are dying to build your summer body, so that’s why we have 10 super efficient exercises to firm your body. In this article, we have collected 10 of the best body-firming exercises and we are ready to give you answers related to any questions around this topic.

Other people have also posed the following questions:

  • How can I chose an exercise plan?
  • Will I see results in a month?
  • Can I work out at home and not at a gym?
  • Will I lose weight in every problematic area of my body?

Summer time is almost here, so take a look in our article and note down these exercises so that you will draw all eyes on you at the beach.

How to choose an exercise plan? 

If you are trying to find out what is the best exercise plan for you and your needs, we have you covered. There are a few questions to ask yourself before choosing.

  1. How much weight to lose?
  2. How many hours can I spend?
  3. Why do you want to lose exercise?
  4. Do I have what it takes?

After you write down these questions, try to answer them sincerely. You can’t work out five days a week for 1 to 2 hours, if you are a person with a full time job, a family and a lot of afternoon activities. You will have to compromise with working out two to three times per week.

Additionally, it is physically impossible to dive in a 90 minute intensive workout if you have never exercised before. It will simply knock you out at the first session.

Be sure to know the reasons and the commitments of a workout plan, as it takes time and effort to build a habit and start getting the results you want. There are going to be days that your whole body is sore and you will not even be able to get up on the stairs. But you need to be patient.

10 exercises for a firm body

In this section we will present to you the 10 super efficient exercises for a firm body. You can either create a program with all of them, or have smaller sets with repetitions of two or three of them additionally to your

#1 Donkey kicks

For the first exercise, you need to get down on all fours, and lifting your legs up, perform a kick towards the ceiling. Imagine how donkeys kick and you will get the idea. Repeat 15 to 20 times per set. This exercise targets your gluts.

#2 Plank

One of the greatest and most effective exercises, with many possible alterations is the plank. Standing on your elbows and toes, you need to keep your body straight for as long as you can. This is a hard exercise, so you should start slowly with 20 to 30 seconds and gradually adding time.

Some alterations involve push up plank and side plank. It is one of the few exercises that target your core and basically your whole body.

#3 Wall sits

You need to sit against a wall and leave your timer going. Keep your back aligned with the wall. The more you stay, the merrier. This exercise targets your quadriceps.

#4 Burpees

Another quite difficult exercise, the burpees, involve a push up, then a touch to the floor with your whole body, a sudden lift up to your feet and then a jump. It may sound complicated, but it’s quite fun and burns lots of calories. As a set, make five to ten repetitions each time. It is best to add it at the end of your workout.

#5 Squats


The good old squats, which target your gluts, inner thighs and stomach when done correctly. Make sure that when squatting the opening of your knees does not exceed the width of your shoulders. If you want to make it harder, try using a resistance band or involving a jump between repetitions.

Models and especially escorts (athens escorts) are doing this exercise in order to give shape into their glutes.

#6 Dumbbell overhead press

Using a dumbbell or some weights, spread your legs in shoulder width and lift the weight over your head and then bring them down to the level of your belly button. Make 15 repetitions and work your way to heavier dumbbells.

Tip: For all exercises requiring dumbbells or weights, you can use water bottles when you are at home or when you forgot to get them with you.

#7 Mountain climbers

A great exercise to boost your stamina, as it requires you to put your body weight on your arms and then move your feet alternatively, so that your knees come right under your chin. It targets your stomach area, your biceps and gluts.

#8 Side steps and shoulder taps

Put a band through your legs and bring it just two inches above your knees. Take a squatting position and make small steps on your right and left alternatively. Repeat x20 times per set. Shoulder taps need you to get at a plank position and quickly tap each shoulder with the opposite hand.

It might seem easy but it’s really not.  These two are great to start off your plan, as they can take the place of your regular warm-up.

#9 Chest press 

Lie down on your bench and lift two dumbbells up with straight arms. Bring them down to your chest (without leaning them on it) and lift up again. Repeat this exercise 15 to 20 times per set.

#10 Hip thrusts with added weight

For the last exercise, you need to lean your upper back on to a bench. Take a dumbbell of three to five kilograms and lay it on your pelvic area. Push it up and down and repeat 15 to 20 times per set.

If you are a beginner, you can do it without adding weight, just lay on the floor and lift your pelvis up. This exercise targets your gluts and stomach area.

This is the favourite exercise for the girls of the Golden Diamond Escorts!

When are the first results visible?

Your body will start transforming since the first day that you will begin working out. Taking into consideration that you will create a systematic -and not occasional- workout plan, your organism will start to burn calories and your metabolism is going to be boosted.

In the first month your body may seem the same when you are looking in the mirror, but you will feel significantly better and even stronger. Your muscles have already started to become stronger, and you are not running out of breath that easily.

After two to four months, and with a healthier diet, your body is visibly slimmer and your stamina is improved. Now you are able to perform more difficult exercises and more repetitions of certain sets. Working out has become a habit and a part of your everyday life.

During the next months, you won’t miss a workout, and if you have to, you will always find time to make up for the one or two hours you missed during a busy month. After that, you can also experiment with other types of workouts -which are also harder- like resistance training or round training.

Workout at home or at the gym?

For those asking what is the best place to workout, there is no right or wrong answer. Each person has their own preferences, but we will note down the pros and cons of home and gym workouts to help you choose.

Home workouts

Working out from home is great, as you can do it anytime you like, even at midnight when everyone else is sleeping, and you also don’t need to pay a single euro to anyone. You can also perform exercises that you like and even go for a run or do yoga and other exercises at your back yard under the sun.

The negative aspect of a home workout is that if you are a beginner, you could easily get injured as no one will guide you on how to perform exercises correctly. Furthermore, you are alone and you don’t have all the machines available.

Gym workouts

On the other side, gyms can offer you a personal trainer, lots of machines like treadmills, weight lifting machines, rowing etc., but for an annual or monthly fee. Some gyms also offer you the chance of  participating in group classes of cardio or pilates, while their facilities may include pools or saunas that you can visit anytime.

Don’t forget, that the 10 best exercises for a firm body that we presented you, don’t really need any special equipment. You can do them without dumbbells or resistance bands, and even if you choose to invest in some basic equipment, you will find out that they are cheaper than you thought.

Which areas are easier to target through exercising? 

This is a trick question as every body is not the same and the fat can concentrate in various areas of the body.

The most difficult body areas to target are the stomach area, the inside part of the thigh, the back and the circumference.

Usually women have problems concerning  these areas, as they can spend years trying to get rid of belly fat, which is easily created by consuming alcohol, eating processed foods or sugary  products.

Is a diet necessary?

As a matter of fact, you will have to follow a more healthy diet in order to maintain your body weight and even lose some of it. Let’s face it, it is ironic to spend hours at the gym working out, and then throwing yourself at burgers, pizza, ice cream and a whole other crazy amount of junk food.

Normal diets

This is one of the commitments we were talking about earlier. If you really want to see a difference on your body, you must sacrifice some things. Of course you won’t cut burgers off of your life completely, but you will have to restrain your body from having junk food on a daily basis.

At that matter, we are sure that after you begin working out, you won’t want to eat this kind of foods anyway.  Why? Because seeing your abs getting structured and feeling healthier and stronger, there is no chance that you will put empty calories in your body anytime soon.

Increase the daily consumption of vegetables and fruits, as well as proteins. You need them in order to be able to build a muscular and beautiful body. Proteins will help you build up those muscles and keep your stomach full for more hours than carbs.

Extreme diets

You don’t have to cross it towards the other extreme and follow crazy diets which only involve protein shakes and chicken. Make sure that you get all the nutrients your body needs in order to stay healthy and keep you up on your feet.

Regarding the same issue, you need to provide your body with more calories than you used to before you started exercising. When working out more than two times per week, you need more calories than the suggested daily calorie intake (2000 for women and 2500 for men).

If  your body burns more than you consume, you will end up dehydrated, tired and you could also face diseases due to the weakness of your immune system.


  • Drink water- don’t dehydrate your organism.
  • Try not to miss workouts, especially during the first weeks- you will eventually quit.
  • Eat well- no one wants you passing out due to malnutrition.
  • Set goals- smart and sustainable not extreme and irrational.
  • Make exercising a habit and stick to it for the rest of your life- it can literally save your life.


Either working out at home or at the comfort of your home, by following the 10 super efficient exercises that we propose, you will be ready to wear a size (or more) down and get out on the beach with confidence.

You can perform these exercises by organizing them at groups and repeating them accordingly. After some time, you will be able to mix and match them, as well as add up to their repetitions and even increase their difficulty level.

This could happen by using weights, bands arround your knees or just by increasing the sets and repetitions. Make sure that you work out in moderation and don’t exceed your limits. You could cause permanent damage to your muscles and systems.

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